In-housing the Perrigo way


Self-care leader Perrigo was moving towards a more self-sufficient, agile, and integrated media model to facilitate ways of working & drive performance across all channels. We collaborated with Wavemaker media agency and our client’s European division to provide flexibility, consultancy, and digital expertise to take control of its media activities and enable the process of in-housing its digital activation across 25+ markets in Europe. During this transition period we collaborated to provide digital expertise along the way and ensured business continuity.

Key solutions

Implementation Services:

— Operations and ways of working
— Digital activation excellence playbooks
— Data governance


The client challenged us to go beyond standard training and to provide its central and local teams with a fresh operational framework, strategic digital activation playbooks and a new digital naming convention tool and governance process.


We partnered with our client’s digital leadership and global media agency Wavemaker to create a bespoke approach to in-housing globally and locally which included:

Workshops and interviews
Collaborated and consulted to assess ways of working and needs

Ways of working
Streamlined ways of working increasing speed of execution in local markets whilst collaborating with Wavemaker to maintain a consistent overarching communication strategy

Digital activation excellence playbooks
Built strategic digital activation playbooks to help client in-housed teams build defined strategies and drive successful ad campaigns

Naming conventions
Devised new digital activation naming conventions to align data approach across client & agency partners, whilst establishing Local vs Central ownership across data governance


We collaborated closely with the client and global media agency to deliver: a new operational framework locally & centrally, with strategic digital activation playbooks, and a new digital naming convention tool and governance process.

Within 3 months, we built, delivered, and introduced 12 modules distributed over 5 playbooks and a naming convention builder to our client’s central and local teams, to enable the first wave of 11 European markets to start activating digital campaigns in-house as of January 1st, 2022.

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