How to prepare for a privacy-focused future with GA4

Privacy guide - In the Know series

Preparing for a privacy-focused future

The privacy landscape is evolving rapidly. Third-party cookies will eventually be phased out, while privacy protection and first-party data collection will continue to grow in importance.

Preparing for a privacy-focused future can feel overwhelming, but it also provides exciting opportunities. The first of our ‘In the Know Series’ guides to data and technology transformation helps you navigate the new privacy landscape.

Google Analytics 4, the next-generation tools for data collection and measurement, will soon replace Universal Analytics. Enterprise customers using Universal Analytics 360 will have until 2024 to migrate to GA4, but we believe now is the time to start preparing for the switch.


01 Challenges for Marketers

The evolving landscape
A modern solution for changing times

02 New Opportunities for Marketers

Benefits of GA4
Key adoption considerations: finding the right path
Operational transformation

03 GA4 in Action

Use cases
Case studies

04 Top takeaways
05 Conclusion
06 About Us

How we help our clients
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